More August

Somehow, this didn’t get posted till now. Slightly . . . anachronistic. Crica August is two weeks old. So far I’ve only done snap shots of August but today I attempted a real photo shoot. It was relatively successful considering my subject was a newborn and that I had the help of two tiny assistants.


#3 is 3 months old!

August is 3 months old! (or is he only 2 months old? How do you count it when they are early?) Here are the stats: Weight: 12 lbs. 9 oz., 21st percentile Height: 23.75″, 37th percentile Head Circumference: 40cm, 39th percentile It’s hard to believe he’s relatively long and lean, given how very buttery and


Happy Halloween!

It wouldn’t be Halloween without jack-o-lanterns! And pineapple “Wilsons.” Jack may have had a little help on his castle, but less than you would think: he cut out several of the windows perfectly by himself. I never cease to be amazed at his small motor skills. Jack and Clara were both kitties. I was really



  This is August Kincaid Pomeroy. August after Saint Augustine, not the month. I love Confessions of St. Augustine and admire his ability to recognize God in his life retroactively and his lifelong quest for truth. Augustine’s just war theory was also way ahead of its time and still incredibly relevant today. (I think Adam

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