President’s Day

For President’s Day I had big plans to do something fun with the kids: a hike, a museum, a swim. Unfortunatley, Clara and I woke up with slight head colds so I ended up toning back a bit and we did haircuats and an art project. And nothing says “Presidents’ Day” quite like a popsicle


Building Materials

My parents had some leftover stuff from their basement projet and Jack was more than thrilled to take their surplus “building materials.” (His words). He spent a whole week of afternoons building a valentine for Bella at preschool who is allergic to candy and other creations. He even learned how to use a drill. I

Jack at 4 1/2

To register Jack for school, we had to take him for shots and a checkup. He didn’t love the shots, but Clara gave him a hug after which helped. As always, the stats were my favorite part. Weight: 44.6 lbs, 92 percentile Height: 45 inches, 97 percentile And those are the percentiles for a five-year-old!


More August

Somehow, this didn’t get posted till now. Slightly . . . anachronistic. Crica August is two weeks old. So far I’ve only done snap shots of August but today I attempted a real photo shoot. It was relatively successful considering my subject was a newborn and that I had the help of two tiny assistants.


#3 is 3 months old!

August is 3 months old! (or is he only 2 months old? How do you count it when they are early?) Here are the stats: Weight: 12 lbs. 9 oz., 21st percentile Height: 23.75″, 37th percentile Head Circumference: 40cm, 39th percentile It’s hard to believe he’s relatively long and lean, given how very buttery and

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