Science Friday

In the name of having well-rounded, well-educated children, we decided to institute Science Friday. Nothing too complex, just a weekly science project. I went through a kid science book with the kids on Thursday so they could pick a project and I could get any materials we needed and they were so excited about this

Soccer and Other Stories

Adam has always wanted Jack to play soccer so we signed him up for a league this fall. It turned out to be a good experience for Jack and good entertainment for us. He has played a fair amount of soccer with Adam in the living room but initially seemed a little overwhelmed by the

Baby Chickens

Pardon my anachronism. During bar study time, nothing got blogged including our family’s first attempt at hatching chickens. Early this summer, Momma Silkie went broody. For you non-poultry types, that means she stopped laying eggs and started sitting on any eggs in the roosting box. Silkies are famous for this and it is why they

Jack Goes to Preschool!

Joy School was good experience and pretty much perfect for three-year-old Jack. But Jack is four now and definitely ready for something more academic. I thought about doing it at home but Jack enjoys independent time and being with peers (and frankly, I always push scheduling play dates to the bottom of my to-do list

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