Summer is here! Well, not realy. But Jack and especially Clara think that it’s warm enough to swim. Unfortunately, no outdoor poors are open in March and I am still refusing to infate the kiddie pool for the year (I am nothing if not  a disappointment to my children). But, I did let them pullout


August at 5 Months

Weight: 15lbs, 12oz. 35th percentile Length: 26 in. 55th Perentile Head: 43 cm, 65th percentile August is a chubby, growing boy. Although according to the stats he’s reatively  skinny for his height. Don’t believe it. And a total delight. We love him. I mean, who wouldn’t want to wake up to this every morning?  


Dinosaur Museum

The Pomeroy Grandparents gave our family a Thanksgiving Point pass (many, many thanks!). It has already been well-loved. The kids’ favorite is the Museum of Natural Curiosity (and it is ridiculously cute to hear little Clara carefully say all the syllables in “moo-ee-um uh na-her-al coo-ri-o-i-ty”). A close second though is the Dinosaur Museum. In

Jack Says

Jack (coming out of the bathroom): “Mom, I made a super big poop and it might clog the potty, just to warn you.” Jack (being left to watch the baby whilst I clean up the cracker disaster in the bathroom resulting from Jack luring Clara the “monkey” in the “cage” (closet)): “Mom, I have two



For Christmas my parentsgave us a month-long family pass to the rec center. Initially I had visions of early-morning yoga classes and lots of racquetball. We did fit in a few racquetball matches, although I didn’t drag my lazy carcas out of bed in time for a single morning class. However, we got much use

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